Exactly What is a Backlinking Service and How Can it Help You?

Let me take a moment and describe a moment in every website owner’s life…the site you worked hard to build has been up and running for 6 months. You are getting some sales but not near what you had hoped for when you decided to burn the midnight oil and go into this venture, hoping to maybe make your mortgage payment with the income from the site and get you a little more comfortable with your life. The search engines have you indexed. You have read all about how to use Google’s tools and have a nice sitemap submitted. You have studied metatags and practically learned a whole new language of how the world wide web really works.

But when you go to find your site using the keywords you think your site should be listed with when people search you are not anywhere near the top. In fact, for most of the words, a person would need to click through 10-12 pages of listings to find yours. If they did just that, their trust factor would not be very high because, hey, Google has you listed 110 for that main keyword that you think your site is all about. And they probably trust Google more than they do you.

This is a common place many website owners find themselves at during some point in their business venture. They followed all the SEO rules but do not have their site ranked. They did all of the on-page niceties they could read about, but they still are not ranked. The missing ingredient to the great taste of success for the owner of this website is backlinks.

Backlinks are links that other websites put on their sites that provide a way for a viewer to get directly to your site by clicking on a term that will take them directly to their point of interest. The search engines love backlinks because they help to determine relevant sites for a search term. If a user is searching for “vacuum cleaners” and your site has a good number of backlinks to it with the term “vacuum cleaners” embedded into them, then the search engines will say to themselves, “Wow, this must be a relevant site for that term because all of these other web sites provide a way for a viewer to get directly to this site if they are interested in this term. I will give it a high ranking when a general user requests information for that search term.”

Now that you understand how it works, here is the hard part…getting sites to provide links to your site. Many people spend a lot of time at first trying to persuade website owners to give them a backlink in exchange for one from their site from yours. Most website owners do not want to trade down in website popularity (their site is more popular than yours is because yours is new) so they reject your offer. Site owners then begin to pay for the links to sweeten the deal for website owners and begin to pay a lot of money to get the links. The return on this activity is hard to calculate because there is such a large block of time involved in getting each deal signed, paid and then spent in verifying that the link is real and active. It is a hard way to go.

There are companies who have thought of the cure for this pain. They offer a backlinking service that will put links on websites that they own to help your search engine rankings improve dramatically. They will let you keep the backlinks forever so you do not need to keep paying a monthly fee to them. The fee is reasonable, usually around $100 per month per keyword to get 100 or so backlinks per month. For many frustrated website owners, finding these companies has been the key to their success of finally getting the traffic they need to be profitable resulting from the high organic search engine rankings.

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