Video Marketing – How to Attract the Exact Audience!

It’s the year 2010 and as never before videos are gaining more grounds and becoming more popular as each year passes by.

All businesses online and offline should learn practical ways to get the exact type of audience to view their videos. For small businesses, videos have been proven to convert at an alarming 30% rate and this is quite impressive.

To make your videos viral and popular, a lot of work and planning has to be in place. And this will help your videos to rank high in the search engines.

Getting the exact audience to view your videos will require you optimise your videos with tags so that when people do a keyword search for your product, your videos will be among the top 10 searches for that keyword.

That way, all the persons viewing your videos are targeted audience and will accomplish whatever you want them to do in your video.

I have also had a personal experience with video marketing and come to understand that using YouTube among many other video sites is the best way to get videos ranked high in the top search engines like Google.

Video optimisation for the search engine is a concept that must be learnt and mastered by every marketer who wishes to use it for their business promotion

Because Google owns and loves YouTube, all the videos posted on YouTube have a better chance of ranking better than text based organic search results. And because YouTube now receive double in traffic what Google search engine receives, the chances of your videos getting traffic is very high especially when you optimise the videos with your search keywords.

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