The Most Important SEO Factors

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Everyone has their favorite list of search engine optimization factors, and here is a really short list of the three things I consider to be the most important factors for ranking well in the search engines. This is for ranking small niche sites where there is not a lot of competition for long-tail keywords. These 3 things are important for any type of website, but you will have to do much more on-site and off-site SEO to get search engine position for a very popular marketing niche with loads of competition from more seasoned professional marketers.

I have determined from several years of testing that if I just give these three items the attention they deserve, I will almost always meet with a measure of success early on. If you have not yet guessed, these factors are in the order of importance: 1. The most relevant target keywords. 2. The most relevant content. 3. The most relevant backlinks. I build many small sites in the 10-12 page range and always use this as a 1-2-3 formula to get sites up and indexed quickly.

I always do the keyword research first, and this in turn will dictate to a great degree what the content will be, as well as the kind of links I may end up targeting. Some SEOs will suggest that you need the most keywords, the most content, and the most links to out-rank the competition. This can be true, but it really depends on the niche and how much competition there is in each of these three areas.

You also can’t build websites or blogs in a willy-nilly way. You have to learn the proper way to do keyword research, and then learn how to write useful content. Back link building is a little more mechanical and should be easy for most people to grasp. There are ways to shortcut the learning curve for all of these things that need to done right.

Choosing Keywords Keywords and keyword phrases are what make search engines work. Keywords are where you should start, and are important to both online and off-line SEO. Get the wrong keywords and nobody will find your websites. Worse yet you will have no traffic. If you can’t learn to get traffic from choosing the right keywords, then you might as well forget any attempt to be successful at any form of online marketing.

Creating Informative Content Understandably, unique content is best, and for this reason I always write original content with around 500 words. Most people will read copy of any length, if you have engaging content. Your copy should not be rehashed content from other sources by what is called spinning software. Your online reputation is based on what you publish to the net, so strive to write content that you will be proud to put your name on as the author.

Getting One-way Back Links There are so many ways to get and create backlinks, so we will just mention some general guidelines. Always make sure that any kind of link is from reputable sites only. You can create your own backlinks from forums, blog posts, blog comments, social media sites, book marking sites, just for a start. You should also have some outbound links, also called external links, to other related sites and blogs.

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