How To Ace Google in 2013 – SEO and Google AdWords

The latest Penguin and Panda updates saw top ranking websites plummeting drastically in rankings and the fact about Google’s dynamism came out ever so resoundingly once again. From your side, you must try to tick a few right boxes and leave the rest to the master search engine.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic or Natural Search Engine Optimization functions just as the word suggests. The central idea is to create a content that is extremely readable and created primarily for the purpose of human readers. To gain best rankings, here are a few points worth taking note of.

a) Important to build links

Reciprocal linking or inbound link development with established websites is a key. Such links are appreciated by Google and the master engine enhances your ranking based on the number of such links you build for your website.

b) Submitting to relevant directories

There are various established directories that use quality content from other websites. These directories already have a strong following. Google admires your relation with such directories. Naturally, this strategy helps you in gaining places on the search engine too.

c) Optimizing robot.txt

Often, Google crawlers get waylaid in their indexing and end up on irrelevant pages like cgi bin and archives. To prevent this from happening, robot.txt is optimized. This helps the robots in indexing only the text-driven useful pages.

d) Use of Jquery instead of flash

Google is prohibitive towards Flash. It is extremely biased towards texts. JQuery, which is a form of Javascripting, can help solve this problem. Today, most of the customized websites work on Jquery and thus help their SEO campaign a great deal.

e) Segregation of keywords

Few SEO campaigns can be best assisted with Exact Match category of keywords while others are helped a great deal by Broad Match keywords. This depends upon the demography one is targeting. Based on this, an SEO team needs to select its keywords. Of course, a thorough research of competitive key phrases in the market has to be done just as well.

f) Building Sitemaps only in xml

Google crawlers are good with HTML but they are far more comfortable with XML format. An XML Sitemap thus becomes an imperative for success. With a Sitemap, crawlers do not remain obliged to search and index all the pages separately (which is a time taking process). It can straightaway go to the XML Sitemap page and do the needful in one go.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords or Pay per Click campaign is quite a different strategy from organic SEO and it does not require you to earn your place on the rankings. You just need to hire a consultancy and pay a monthly budget to Google to find sponsored listing on Google pages.

What does a consultant do?

a) Fixes monthly budget

A consultant fixes your budget for a given month and allots a group of keywords for the approved budget.

b) Fixes campaign hours

He also ensures that your campaign is targeted over different demography differently. For instance, in one area, he may choose to run a campaign in the evening while in another geographical area; he may clock the campaign for morning.

c) Online Reputation management personnel

He also acts as your Online Reputation management personnel tracking fake IP addresses and maligning reviews used by rival camps to bring you down.

d) Tracks keyword progress

The consultant is also responsible for altering the keywords if required or go for a higher number or lower number of Exact Match categories as against the Broad Match ones.

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