The Art of Art Promotion

Artists are the most amazing people. The way they see the world around them and their ability to convey that to the rest of us, through their various mediums, is what helps those of us that don’t naturally have this ability, to open our minds to new possibilities. Art, self-expression and creativity, are among the most important elements of life and is what makes us human. So it begs the question, how is it possible that many of the best artists are the least known and least successful in turning their love, their passion, into a viable career path? The simple answer is lack of proper promotional techniques and business sense.

These left brain concepts which allow non-artists to be good at things like business, science and mathematics are not skills that artistic, right-brained people find interesting or easily understood. On a surface level, every artist knows it’s important and necessary to spend the time and often times money on the promotion of their work, but when it comes to putting these concepts into practice, it becomes a mind-numbing and painful task to be put off for another day; another day, which, let’s face it, never comes.

That is where sites like,, and even social media outlets such as really come in handy. Such Online resources are key in generating new clientele, staying in communication with existing clientele, and generating sales. Some of these sites not only help artists promote their work, they also let artists sell their work. Though a host of powerful online tools, these sites make it possible for artists to create their personal profile pages, connect with Art Enthusiasts, Art Schools and Art Businesses and in some cases even sell their work directly from their profile pages.

Some sites allow users to create and register for events, groups and blogs, create front-page articles, post videos, and so much more. Even if you already have a website that you are maintaining, these sites can be used to direct new visitors to your site as well as generate higher ranking in search engines due to the creation of backlinks to your personal website from these site. Most are free to join with costs for sales or licensing of your images, but the benefits of marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are worth the minimal costs associated with them. It’s in the artists best interest, artists looking to take their careers to the next level, to invest in themselves and in their businesses as artists. When an artist can take their marketing and promotion to a social level, especially online, is when the artist can truly make an art of art promotion.

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