AdWords Elite Keyword – The Essential AdWords Tool

Some know it as AdWords Elite Keyword and others know it as Elite Keyword, but the official name of the software is Keyword Elite. In the right hands this tool is extremely powerful and can really enhance your online marketing results. This tool was instrumental in helping me to generate an income of $27,000 in one month using Google AdWords.

Keyword Elite has 5 difference functions which the owner (Brad Callen) refers to as projects. Each project has been specifically designed to perform a series of automated tasks.

When you first look at the tool some of the projects can be a little overwhelming and in fact it can take some time to really understand the power of each project. It took me about 3 months to really uncover one project that changed the way I approached PPC marketing.

Here’s a quick outline of what is in each project.

Project 1 – Generate 10,000 of keywords for AdSense marketing

Project 2 – Uncovers Your PPC Competition not only in AdWords, but Yahoo, Miva and Enhance.

Project 3 – “Quickly & Easily Create High Quality Content For Your Website With A Click Of A Button!”

Project 4 – “Instantly Discover How Competitive A Market Is By Analyzing Top Ranked Websites In Google!”

Project 5 – “Legally and Ethically ‘Steal’ Your Competitors Profitable AdWords Keywords By Discovering Exactly Which Keywords Are Making Them Money!”

Although this tool has functions that can enhance SEO, AdSense and AdWords for the purposes of this short article I am going to refer to just one of these areas (namely AdWords) and a single project that can really make a difference to a lot of new and intermediate AdWords advertisers.

It is Project 5.

It uncovers profitable keywords and products. These are basically the two main ingredients needed for a successful AdWords campaign. Finding these two combinations is all you need to win at Google AdWords. If you can find a product that converts into sales using particular keywords then you’ve just ‘cracked the AdWords secret code’.

With this tool you can actually make money for the first time online.

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