Affiliate Marketing – 3 Surefire Affiliate Marketing Ideas

More and more people are now considering affiliate marketing because of its effectiveness and simplicity in generating money. Affiliate marketing is an online type of business wherein an online revenue-producing website shares its sales with online merchants.

This type of online marketing offers many advantages for both web merchants and web owners. It offers better time management, simplicity to operate, and can offer a stable source of monthly income if executed properly.

There are actually 3 different ways to earn money through this type of online marketing:

1 Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC Marketing is a very aggressive and fiercely competitive approach in affiliate marketing. In here, Profitable Pay Per Click web owners operate on a very wide scale at high efficiency level.

Every time a potential buyer enters the merchant’s page through the affiliate website, an amount of money is automatically deposited in the affiliate’s account. The amount depends on the agreement between the web owner and the web merchant.

2 Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead or CPA refers to those that offer money online in exchange for getting a customer’s contact data. This type of affiliate business is also very easy to do compare to Pay Per Sale marketing.

For every successful registration made by a potential buyer as a result of the web merchant’s advertisement, a certain amount of money is deposited to the affiliate’s account.

3 Pay Per Sale

Pay Per Sale is the most basic way in earning money through affiliate program. Every time a product is sold the affiliate website receives an incentive and is deposited straight into the website owner’s account.

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