SEO: Homepage Optimization

This is one of the important factors when you’re starting to make your web page. It is very important to have a good homepage optimization because it will help you increase your home page traffic. Ranking your home page between top 20 searches is really important. You will probably find it so hard to find your site on the result page when it is not in the first 20 hits.

This is how you can optimize your web page. Correct titling of your page is one of the most important actions. You should know that web search engines put a lot of importance in every page title in sorting hits on SERPs. The title must be a short description of your web page and should be structured with your keywords. The keywords shouldn’t be repeated in the title for search engines will consider it as a spam which will lead you to a penalty points when ranking the results.

Another important thing in optimizing your web page is choosing the right keywords. You must do a proper research for you to help find the right keywords for your site. There are lots of useful tools in the web that you can use like Google AdWords keyword tool and a lot more. Try not to stuff your page too much with you keywords. Use synonyms, this will help to make your content sound natural.

Metatags are also important in optimizing you page. Meta description is a short description of your web page. You can use ten to twelve keywords which should not be repeated, as what I said search engines will treat multi keywords as a spam.

Actual page content, you shouldn’t forget about this part for this is the most important thing in creating a web page. Keywords must be found in your page content; this will help the search engines to know what the topic is. But not to use it too frequently because spamming will result your page into a ban.

This is the least important factor in making a home page optimization, the page url. Basically, this is the name of your of your webpage which appears in a web browser’s address bar. Search engines used this as an identifier for you web page and they also store the URL in their index as one of the ways they know the subject matter of a web site.

Doing a good Home page optimization will now then, help you attract more traffic for your website. Optimizing your home page is not just about search engine optimization, but it is also about optimizing your most vital landing pages for conversions.

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