SEO Strategies – Biggest Opportunities For Easy Rankings

You might be interested to find out, when you’re putting together your SEO strategies of the different methods and ways for driving traffic to a new domain, and you’re monitoring your stats, you might be wondering, where you see the biggest opportunity for easy rankings. Do you see something that is coming on the horizon, because you’re in the thick of it, where you say, this is what I’m spending and focusing a lot of time on?

I think more and more relevancy, more personalized, more localized, more multi media. It’s obvious that multi media is big. I’ve been using Image Tricks and things to get rankings, video. A lot of people ignore audio but it is a big one. It is super easy to get leveraged out there with audio and so few people do it.

You might be wondering, how are you doing that? Are you just splitting audio straight from your video?

You can do that. Often I’ll just do an audio and then I’ll blend it with a picture and you turn that into a video, so you can go the other way in your SEO strategies. Or you can literally just read a post and then podcast it. It is great to get that sticky feel about it for your website. You have a lot of social proof; they can see that it’s been downloaded a thousand times so it really does help bring in that credibility. People keep coming back. That’s not going to hurt your search engine results.

Google notices that you have people coming back and clicking around your site, more page views, staying on your site for longer, lower bounce rate. I’m sure that stuff indirectly helps.

Now you might be wondering, with the audio, are you just posting that on your blog for someone to interact with or are you doing distribution of that as well?

I usually just give it away for free. I podcast it from my blog and you can syndicate that as well if you want to submit it to some podcasting directories and get yourself some more links. I think this is the big trend. I think Google are going to pay more attention to different media other than just posts.

Video’s working fantastically well. I think coupling that with audio is good.

I don’t think many people do, I think they miss that. I had over 10,000 podcasts downloaded off my blog. The great thing is, it’s a Trojan horse. It sits on iTunes, it goes on every iPhone or iPod shuffle. You have access to your customer when they’re in a pretty receptive environment, like driving along or walking along the road with headphones on. You have 100% access with no distractions.

Getting them on those multiple media is definitely the way to go and hook them in.

Now you might be wondering, you obviously do a lot of stuff in the internet marketing niche. Have you branched out much into other niches as well?

I have. I think you mentioned the key word, ‘obvious.’ My internet marketing stuff is quite out in public and the non internet marketing stuff is fairly well obscured.

You might be wondering, those things, are you working with your real businesses? I’m trying to figure out if it’s the same process you’re doing for your internet marketing and SEO strategies.

It’s exactly the same process. You could use exactly the same process; you might just want to consider using some different account names or pen names if you want to separate your business out.

For off line clients doing online SEO, it’s exactly the same process. I tell them the same thing. They have to have hero content; they have to leverage it into multi media. I put them into the same system. It’s all under their account, so that no one’s going to find that stuff. I just set up another replication of what I have. I use the same content people and everything.

It’s a simple SEO strategy, and yet it works very well. Both your online and offline business can become very successful using this process.

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