Article Marketing Vs PPC – Which is Better?

Article marketing is unarguably, the cheapest and the best way to market your online business effectively. They say talent is of no use unless your market it. No matter how good you write, no matter your master in the subject, you will get very less visitors to your site, unless you do article marketing.

There are well known article directories online like EzineArticles, goarticles, etc, which guarantees broad readership for your articles. Compared to PPC or pay per click advertising which can burn a hole in the pocket, article marketing is an equally effective means of advertising and a free one at that too. In PPC, you have to work a daily budget and make advertisements that will trigger in search pages and content pages. It is a laborious task which also costs a lot, something beyond the reach of a common man. It is better to go for article marketing where you can get the same amount of exposure, backlinks and readership to your article at zero cost. Also in article marketing, you are giving something of value or substance for a person to read through rather than a mechanical ad which seems machine generated. Article marketing is making the right use of the keywords in your content so that when one uses those keywords, he or she lands up directly at your article in the article directory.

Through article directories, you can also get effective backlinks. When you send your articles to major article directories, you can back links which increases the page rank or popularity of your blog or website. Also unlike PPC, article marketing is more permanent and long term. You can still make money from an article of yours five years after you have published it. That is the magic of article marketing.

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