Article Marketing Strategies – How Articles Help Build Your Business

Using articles to build your online business (commonly referred to as article marketing) is a fantastic way to generate traffic to your website, increase your search engine rankings, build trust with your readers and brand yourself as an expert in a niche.

Here are a few other reasons why article marketing continues to be an extremely effective way to build your Internet business and increase your online profits.

Every time you submit an article on behalf of your website you are creating an opportunity to build free one-way links back to your website (provided you have included a link in your resource box). It has been proven that building quality backlinks to your website is one of the key components to increasing your position within the organic search engine rankings.

You can help with the ranking process for your website by submitting articles that target good long-tail keyword phrases and making sure the backlinks that you create to your website focus on those same long tail keywords.

Providing good quality content not only makes the search engines happy, it also pleases the article directory owners and people that are interested in reading your article. An additional benefit to creating articles with quality content is derived from the ezine owners that publish your article to their subscribers. This alone can provide a nice boost in traffic to your website and indirectly increase your realize profit potential.

After taking the time to write an article that captures your reader’s interest you want to make sure you don’t lose them when they make it to your resource box. Nothing builds your subscriber list faster than offering a free report or informative guide in your resource box as an incentive to get a reader of your article on your mailing list.

One thing many webmasters forget is that article marketing can be done without spending any money. The fact is, article marketing is completely free advertising and every time one of your submitted articles ends up on another website it creates another free advertising opportunity along with the previously mentioned one-way backlink.

Speaking of backlinks, using articles to increase your link popularity is much more effective than merely going out and looking for link exchanges with other sites and generally speaking the search engines appear to favor one-way links more than a reciprocal link exchange between two different websites.

The more time you devote to writing and submitting articles filled with high quality content the more links you will create to your website, the higher your search engine ranking will become, the more traffic your website will receive and the more income you will generate from your online business.

Are you looking to increase the amount of traffic you generate to your website along with its organic ranking within the search engines? If so than continue reading…

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