Free Google Tool to Build Backlinks

Use Google to Help Build Backlinks

Google has changed the way search results appear. Before when you entered in your search keywords or keyword phrase, the results would show up in two column setting with your search results in one column and advertising on the right column. Now, when you search on Google, your search results show up in a three column view. The left column gives you different options to narrow your results, the middle column is the results and the right column is still the advertising.

This new feature of being able to sort the search results increases your ability to create backlinks! You can easily search blogs, forums, Yahoo Answers and even Twitter for your keywords in one shot. Have Google do your backlink building for you.

For example, if we are searching for coin pearl earrings, we would enter that as our search term. If you simply interested in buying coin pearl earrings, you could select the Maps link and find stores in your local area that sell coin pearl earrings. If you are a business owner, who has a store selling coin pearl earrings, you would want to ensure that your store location shows up on Google Maps. Additionally, you would want to make sure your website would show for that search term as well. (If you do not yet have a website and you are a business owner, you need to get on the ball and get a website up!)

You could search for blogs that talk about coin pearl earrings and make useful comments on the blogs. Or perhaps someone was asking on Yahoo Answers or even Twitter what kind of outfits go best with coin pearl earrings. The categories make it easier for you to join in on conversations and begin creating relationships with potential customers.

For the most part, people want to do business with people they know and trust. While many people are searching for the lowest price on the internet, it is also important to build relationships. You can position yourself as a well respected expert and increase traffic to your website which could result in increased sales for your business. It could also result in devoted customers who trust you and will recommend you to their friends, which could also result in increased sales. Also, as a result of the trust you build with your customers, you may be able to charge a higher price than other retailers for the same item because your customers trust you. It is difficult to place a value on trust but once it is gone, it is difficult, if not impossible to gain back.

Use the search functions of Google wisely and enjoy the return on your investment!

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