How to Get Backlinks With Blogs and Forums

How to get backlinks?

A relevant blog or forum is one that has something to do, or is in some way related to the primary topic of your website. There are literally millions of blogs out there and finding the blogs and forums that are relevant to your site can be found with the use of keywords that you use on your own website.

Now, for those who want to know how to find relevant blogs and forums, the first thing you need to do is conduct a search for your chosen primary keywords. When the results are returned, look through them and search for sites that have blogs and forums that you are likely able to post in. If the results that are returned do not include any blogs or forums, try doing a search with you primary keyword again only this time ass blog to the phrase, or forum as the case may be. With the number of blogs and forums available however, it is highly unlikely that there will not be any relevant blogs or forums returned with the primary phrase.

It can be a tedious task to undertake, but the rewards are so great in the number of one way back links that you’ll find which makes it more than well worth the effort involved. There are some things that you need to consider when find relevant blogs and forums. First and foremost, is to be considerate when you are in somebody else’s “house”. Follow these tips and you’ll be fine:

  • When you find forums and blogs that will allow you to make use of sig lines, and comments, be courteous. Don’t jump in there trying to make a sale and convince people that your site is the next best thing to gold. When you jump in on a conversation or a post, forum owners encourage you to do so. Just keep your posts relevant, and helpful. Don’t make your post sound like it’s a sales pitch. Offer a helpful response and work your link into it without blatant advertising.
  • Remember that the purpose of posting is not to generate sales directly. They are to grab yourself some one way back links to your site. If you grab some visitors and make a sale along the way, that’s cool, but it’s not the primary purpose for this exercise.
  • Follow the forum rules. If you post the same thing in multiple forums on in multiple comments in the same site, you’re only get to get it deleted and yourself banned. The end result is that you have wasted your time.
  • If you have any doubt as to what is right or wrong when posting on relevant blogs and forums, ask the site owner!

Now, once you have followed that process for your primary keywords, do the same thing with RELATED keywords. Make sure that you keep a list of the domains that allow you to do this. That way you know where to return to. When you return for a second visit, choose a different topic, and rewrite your response so that you aren’t writing the same thing again. When you are making a link, don’t put “click here”, use your anchor text!

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