Powerful Ad Writing For PPC That Yields Results

PPC advertising these days has become a very popular way for companies adhering to non-traditional marketing efforts to spread the word about their businesses. What makes pay per click advertising effective for advertisers is that they are able to measure for themselves the effectiveness of their ads, while only paying for the times that their ad is clicked. However, before getting those good results, it is important for these advertisers to know the essentials of ad writing for PPC campaigns. After all, who will click an ad if it does not look enticing or does not elicit attention?

People in charge of PPC advertising for their business or companies should realize that even with so much effort and money poured into a PPC campaign, if the end product – the ad itself, does not deliver and does not call its viewers to action, then everything will be put to waste. Thus, it is important for a majority of the efforts to be focused on the content, particularly the text of the ad.

Here are some tips on writing effective PPC ads:

• The text should speak to the target audience.

PPC ads are as much appearance as they are the text contained in them. Thus, a writer of these ads should consider what the target audience of the ad would be looking for. What message would grab their attention and make them read the entire ads so much so that they will click on it?

• A killer headline is essential.

The first thing that a PPC ad has that will either grab a viewer’s attention or lose it is the headline. An effective headline should be a combination of attention grabbing and a summation of the ad’s entire message.

• A great call to action should do the push.

A PPC ad should drive its reader to do something. Thus, a call to action portion of the ad should not only tell them what to do, but also how to do it exactly.

• Something different might do the trick.

As an ad will be shown with a number of others, effective ad writing for PPC would require the ad to have a unique element to make it stand out.

• The keyword should be present.

Of course, the keywords should be present in the copy, but not to the point that they look stuffed. The keywords should be placed in points where they will sound natural.

• Ad copy and landing page should be consistent.

An ad copy that gives a different message than the page it leads to will only confuse the reader, which leads to suspicion and waning of interest.

• Quick messages do the trick.

A PPC ad should only contain a few lines, so they should be quick and concise enough to deliver the entire message.

• Use tools at one’s disposal.

A very helpful tool for a writer of PPC ads is the keyword insertion tool, which suggests where the keywords should be placed to be effective and so that the used search term is the one to appear in the ad.

• Camel casing works.

A quick trick to garner more attention from the get-go is to capitalize the first letter of every word in the ad, like a title – even articles and prepositions, no exception. This is called camel casing.

• Multiple versions of one ad should be done.

PPC advertising yields results according to which ad is most effective. A key to ad writing for PPC is to test from among a number of ads is the best, and after, combine the headline, body, and picture that won their respecting tests.

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