Want to Get Your Website to Be Number One on Google?

Right here are the topics piece of content cover:

1) Exact Keyword Domains

2) Domain Registration

3) Hosting

4) WordPress

Articles later on will cover much more detail on content creation and how to customize WordPress for your specific website.

Exact Keyword Domains:

There are many schools of thought on this topic nevertheless the bottom line is the fact that Google will give you a better ranking if you can to obtain your unique keyword(s) as your domain address. Someone that registers computers.com will probably automatically have a better ranking than someone with helpwithcomputervirus.com.

Any time you try to look for ‘Computers’ in Google and expect that helpwithcomputervirus.com would have any a lot higher ranking.

Other stuff to take into account:

Domain Age


Content Creation

On-Page SEO

Social Bookmark Submitting

All these considerations will probably be addressed in the article later fo the time being, when you are searching for a website domain to obtain, please you should definitely have identified your niche and done your market research correctly.

Lets do an example explore something which I’ve been thinking of lately. The topics of weddings. There a large number of options when it comes to creating a site around weddings. Where do we start?

Well, should you follow my guidance for identifying a niche and using market research, you will realise why it led me towards the keyword ‘Chocolate Wedding Cake’. I may have purchased chocolateweddingcake.net or.org using the exact keyword and it gives me a niche of approx. 4,400 searches each month (during the time of searching). This isn’t the largest niche but I really could pretty quickly achieve the surface of Google easily followed several other guidelines.

Domain Registration:

Go Daddy

After I identify chocoloateweddingcake.net to be a potential niche, I’m going to godaddy.com and register this. There a variety of choices to consider and you could find a number of other options in existence but Go Daddy looks like it’s probably the most reliable and never lets me down.

Website Hosting:

Then i sign up to my hosting service at HostGator.com because it’s $5/month for unlimited sites. Take a review of the website but please also have a look at all the other hosting providers. I only make use of this since it is cheap and simply works.


Many people ask, why WordPress? There are lots of selections for creating websites but with the SEO power behind the WordPress domain, which i can go into in another article, it is the easiest to use and free.

What on earth is WordPress?

WordPress offers you a brief and straightforward method to build websites you can hook up to your Google AdWords account, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and merely quickly get your name out there and start branding yourself.

Many niche site creators use themes to construct a terrific site as the effort is already for you and many types of you need to do is install the plugins and widgets and merely begin.

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