Increase Web Site Traffic – Top Tips From SEO Experts

Trying to make money online requires you to get noticed. How can you get your site noticed so that it ranks high in the search engines and you have tons of visitors? If you want to increase web site traffic, then you need to carefully plan your course of action and learn a few simple techniques.

You will read about many different search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. It seems like everywhere you turn on the Internet, there’s some new guru promoting the latest and greatest technique. Generally speaking, this new discovery is either a recycling or restating of something already known to be successful by many, which is good, or it’s a technique that can potentially hurt your web site (also known as Black Hat SEO). Using questionable techniques to improve your page ranking is highly frowned upon, and once the search engines pick up on what you’re doing, your site will quickly drop in the rankings and may never fully recover. Stick to the White Hat SEO techniques, the ones that are considered to be ethical and effective, and you will find that your page ranking increases more naturally.

SEO experts agree on a few major points:

1. Keywords are important. Research and find out what the best keywords are for your site, then learn how to use them effectively. Your article and posting titles should be keyword rich, and you should use good keyword density in any articles and posts.

2. Focus on one content area or niche per web site. It is easier to increase web site traffic when you concentrate on one topic at a time.

3. Title tags and link text (also known as anchor text) should be used correctly. Incorrect use of title tags means a page comes up as “untitled.” Incorrect use of link text is a missed opportunity for the search engines to pick up your site.

These few simple tips are key. When you consider that the search engines are rifling through millions of websites looking for keywords, using them correctly can definitely help set you apart from the others. These strategies are free and you should take full advantage of them. At some point, you may have to pay for SEO help, content writing, or directory submissions, but start out with the free ways and you will be able to begin to increase web site traffic slowly but surely. As your traffic increases, you will see your page ranking in the search engines increase, as well. More popular sites end up with more links, ultimately making them appear more ‘valuable’ in the search engines.

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