How To Improve Your PPC Campaign Conversion Rate?

Time and again, I meet marketers who complain about lower conversion despite a huge investment in their campaign. When discussed further, I found that they set their conversion metric wrong that led to the campaign failure.

More often, marketers choose keyword choice over conversions. They analyze keywords first and then implement them into the campaign for achieving conversion goals. Though, this tends to be the standard flow of action in a PPC campaign, thinking otherwise sometimes may be helpful. At least once, think anti-clock wise. Start by writing down your conversion goals and then decide the keywords for the campaign.

If you are a PPC marketer, these four tips will help you boost your conversion rate. You may implement them as per your business model and current benchmarks.

Start with an end goal:

Start your campaign by noting down the results you want to achieve from PPC marketing campaign. Don’t bother about the keywords. Start from the leads you want to make, design your ads, choose the advertising platforms and then plan the keywords. This flip will make your campaign stronger as you’re now considering your campaign from the customer’s perspective. Your campaign should now focus first on the elements that motivate the conversion, which is really the key to boosting conversion rates.

Keep testing your campaign:

Think beyond A/B testing. Test each campaign element separately. Test the results against the changes to find if they are accurate. Test new elements and test them more often. Compares the test results to boost conversion. It can bring amazing results, as an incremental change in your PPC campaigns can ensure big benefits in terms of conversion rates.

Fix your landing pages:

A good landing page can help you in having great results out of a campaign. Ensure that your landing page has every element needed for the conversions. An ideal landing page must include a strong call to action, clean design, easy-to-find buttons and informative content.

A test campaign with various instances of landing pages. Experts have different opinions on which landing page works better- short or long. You may therefore test your landing page both the ways to find the ideal length of your landing page. Do not forget to add images, videos and other visual elements of your landing page. They also help you sell products and services online.

Include irresistible offers:

To make your campaign effective, add special offers, coupon codes and other giveaways. These offers will compel customers to respond. Without giving your potential customers a reason to click on your ad, you can’t expect great results out of your campaign. Your ad shouldn’t look like merely a sales pitch. Adding great offers to it will boost response rates and conversions. An ad with a perfect mix of value and offer is a solid way to boost conversion rates.

These are a few points that significantly improve your conversion. Implement the points wisely for better results. If still you don’t notice significant improvements, ask an experienced PPC management company for help.

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