3 Simple Steps To MLM Lead Generation Mastery

Here are the three simple steps for generating leads online and converting them into paying customers and distributors in your downline.

Step #1 – Creating a Traffic & MLM Lead Generation Booby-trap

You may be asking yourself what the heck is a MLM lead generation booby-trap? A lead generation booby-trap is a capture page. If you’ve been doing network marketing or you’ve been doing anything online for a particular length of time than you have seen a lead capture page. It’s the page where you see a big headline of some sort telling you specific reasons why you need to leave your name & email on the page to get what is on the other side. A lead generation capture page is important because it eliminates the process of sorting through the people who are not interested in what you have to offer it will only attract the qualified people who are interested in joining the network marketing industry. The key to having an effective lead capture page that converts visitors into leads is by laser targeting your message so that when your prospects see your page they will be foaming at the mouth to get what is on the other side.

Step #2 – Choosing Your MLM Lead Generation Traffic Strategies

Now that you have a capture page set up it’s now time to get traffic flowing to it. I mean what good is a capture page if nobody sees it? Driving quality traffic is the next piece of the puzzle in good MLM lead generation. When I first got started online a few months ago I was doing every traffic getting strategy known to man. I did Facebook, LinkedIn, article marketing, video marketing, blogging and the list goes on. Today I really only use two traffic getting strategies and I prospect a lot. When choosing your traffic getting strategy it is important to choose the strategies that you like doing because you are going to be doing them endlessly until you have mastered getting traffic with those strategies. My favorite traffic strategies are article marketing, and social media because they are free and they generate the most targeted leads for my business. You may not like writing articles and hanging out on Facebook you may like PPC and other and creating videos, whatever it is you like doing do it and focus on getting 25-50 leads daily with those strategies before you move on.

Step #3 – MLM Lead Generation & Push Button Recruiting

The difference between a creating a mediocre business and a wildly successful one with your MLM lead generation efforts comes down to your ability to recruit people into your MLM business with the push of a button. Imagine developing long term relationships with your prospects that last a lifetime by just pushing one button and imagine if people loved you for it. Well the way to recruit people at the push of a button is through email marketing. Email is the number one way to get your message in front of your prospects daily; it is a fact that people check their email inbox on average of 5 times daily. If you learn how to effectively use emails to build relationships with your leads without spamming them than your income potential is literally limitless. The best way to stay in contact with your leads daily is by getting an email auto responder service. This auto responder service will allow you to create a list of messages and send them out to your list of leads simultaneously on auto pilot.

That’s it folks! To get more in depth MLM lead generation training visit the resource box below.

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