How to Choose Which Online Home Business is Best For You

There are so many home businesses and online businesses available these days that it’s hard to know where to start. Lets be honest once you realise the amount of cash you can earn it’s hard to sit still and keep your head screwed on. In this article I’m going to cover some of the basics:

1 – Where to find information about a Home/Online business

2 – How to chose the right business for you

3 – How to chose a mentor/sponsor

4 – How to tell if it’s a scam or legit

1 – The number one way people find information is via search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Be careful what you read as there are as many truthful sites are there are honest ones. My recommendation is to find a business that appeals to you and then do more specific searches on that particular business. I also did a lot of searches like ‘business I’m looking at+scam’. Also check out YouTube however be very careful as the videos will be more opinion based than factual.

2 – You need to be involved in a business that appeals to you and your values. If you hate cooking you wouldn’t buy a take away shop right? Same thing applies, I would suggest partnering in a business which sells information products that cover every topic you could imagine so that you can tailor your marketing energy to whatever you feel like at that point in time! It might be golfing or gardening or more technical things like search engine optimisation, direct marketing methods, PPC etc. Also you need a business that supplies you with all of the back office systems, processes and training that you need to be successful. This leads me to the next point:

3 – Your mentor needs to be a people person and capable and willing to coach and train you. They also need to be successful and practise what they preach! Looks for mentors with a background in management or sports coaching. It also makes a huge difference if your sponsor/mentor has a financial benefit to be gained if you are successful. Now that doesn’t have to mean you will be   paying  them and it shouldn’t affect your income, but for every sale you make, you get cold hard cash  paid  into your account and your sponsor will get a commission (from YourNetBiz not from you!). What more motivation to help you be successful can a sponsor get that that? You need to be interested in personal development and putting in the time and effort to better yourself. Mindset is everything and you need to keep positive to reap the rewards. You also want to make sure you can contact the person directly to make sure they are who they say they are! They should always list their phone number and Facebook details so they can be contacted.

4 – Sorry to finish on a low point however this is a very vital point. You should do as much due diligence as you can. I found YourNetBiz to me far more transparent that all of the others that I researched (Liberty League International, LifePath Unlimited, Carbon Copy Pro, Abunza). It was so much more appealing than the others to the point that I thought it had to be too good to be true. That’s why I searched all the scam websites and tried to find any dirt that I could. Guess what?? I found nothing but positive stories about YourNetBiz and the group of people involved. The other thing to be mindful of is that you will find lots of people bad mouthing each business, only in an attempt to sell their own. You won’t find anyone involved in YourNetBiz doing this simply because our business is SO GOOD that we don’t need to bad mouth the others, they simply don’t compete. It’s also important that they have a phone number that you can contact them on as this gives authenticity.

In closing, DO YOUR RESEARCH, it’s slow going but the most important time you will spend until to start raking in the big cash.

Luke Riley

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