Hiring a Freelance Copywriter for Your Website: Is It Worth It?

Website copywriting is a tricky subject. Do you tackle it yourself or hire a freelance copywriter? A great question with a simple answer: always hire a professional. Think about it: your words are almost all that stands between you and a new customer. You spend good money on other forms of advertising, so why scrimp on the copywriting? Hiring a good freelance copywriter will almost certainly save you money in the long run. Here’s a simple truth about your website: ineffective copy with grammatical or spelling errors will cause you to lose customers. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. And there’s a good chance that the cost of that lost customer outweighs a few pages of copy written by a professional.

It makes no difference whether your company website sells light bulbs or landscapes gardens, having a professional freelance copywriter write the text content for you is always worth it. Plus a lot of freelance copywriters offer flexible rates on a per-job basis, so you can be sure that you’ll only pay for exactly what you need. A lot of freelance copywriters will also provide other writing services such as blog copywriting, sales letter copywriting, and even full brochure and eBook copywriting – so it’s well worth your small investment.

Remember – pictures on a website can only do so much, it’s the words that do the talking. If you work closely with a web design company, you might find that they will offer you a copywriting service as part of the package, and even promise to take care of SEO too. Whilst they will provide functional copy, you can’t always be sure that they’ll do a comprehensive job. After all, their focus will be split by definition. A professional freelance SEO copywriter is the ideal solution, simply ask your web design company to drop in the copy provided by the copywriter – easy! And with many freelance copywriters offering flexible rates based on job duration, you’ll save some money too.

The final word here is simple – your website is very often the first point-of-contact with a new customer. This means it really matters how you portray yourself. Sloppily written copy which makes no effort to really sell your business will be ineffectual – meaning you’ll lose customers and therefore money. By simply asking a professional freelance copywriter to look over your site, you could save a huge amount of money and secure a lot of new business.

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