Keep the Spam on Your Plate, Not on Your Website

On my journey as a   SEO  copywriter I find it is essential to keep up with the latest news and trends which affect both businesses and writers alike. The latest Google algorithm update nicknamed ‘Google Panda’ has been of particular interest to me. This is the update which has been designed to help improve the ranking system by penalizing content farms and spam and rewarding quality content.

The changes mean that sites need to be mindful of what is written on every page to avoid being pushed down the search engine results pages. This can be achieved by:

Deleting all copied or re-blogged posts and articles from the site

Producing quality web content and articles

Making sure all the posts are relevant and informative

Avoiding keyword stuffed posts

Creating original posts

Thanks to Google Panda clients will need to be conscious of the content which they ask writers to produce. As a writer I welcome the changes made by Google. Being asked to write articles which are merely ‘keyword magnets’ can be slightly disheartening. These types of posts are limited thanks to the amount of times one or two words need to be repeated in the post. It can be difficult to make the article flow, especially if the ‘keyword’ is actually a full sentence. Anything above 2%-3% can be very limiting in deed, and I know many writers who simply refuse to write articles with a keyword density of 5% and above.

On a non-professional level I appreciate the recent efforts by Google and Bing in the war against spam. When I search for something I don’t want to have to riffle through five or more sites of useless information before I find what I was looking for. Google Chrome users are now able to use the blocking extension on sites, and I have to admit I have already blocked many sites which were unable to deliver the results I wanted. This feature is yet another reason for website owners to improve the quality of their content.

Hopefully these changes will improve the whole of the Internet for everyone. Those who use it for fun will be able to find great information more efficiently; and those of us who make a living from the internet will be asked to produce articles and posts which are able to flow naturally. If you need to hire a writer be sure that you are willing to recognize and make the most of their skills. Your readers will appreciate the hard work and Google will reward your site by improving your rank on the search engine results.

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