Build an Affiliate Review Site the Right Way Or Google Will Slam You

Review sites can be found all over the internet and there’s no doubt that some affiliate marketers are making plenty of money from them. But they don’t get a lot of natural search engine traffic so many site owners resort to   PPC  advertising to generate it.

Of course, lots of free search engine traffic would be nice but the review site structure has to be done in the right way to bring in visitors from the search engines. To achieve this means you have to have good content and relevant articles so that it is not seen as a thin affiliate site by the search engines.

You probably know that many of these give out fake reviews and the trouble is many people are catching on to these kinds of sites. They don’t have any visitor value and the bounce rate is high.

Let’s face it; some of them look like they were created in the internet equivalent of the Stone Age. You can’t really blame people for not trusting them if they look so phony.

Nowadays a review site really needs something more than just a single page to convince visitors that you are an authority on the subject. You need one that will get them to check out your recommendations and then buy something through your affiliate link.

What this all means is you need a review site template that is specifically designed to bring in the search engine spiders and, more importantly, impress your visitors when they get there.

If you have ever read Jeremy Palmer’s Black Ink Project you will know why the right site structure is so important. Even though he is a top affiliate marketer with high-performing websites, he nearly got his review sites banned by Google. And it could easily happen to you if you make the same mistakes as he was making.

Because of this he had to completely change how they were made. His Black Ink Project tells the story of how he builds an affiliate review site from the ground up so that Google will love it.

You get to follow Jeremy’s progress as he puts together a mini review site, from building wire frames for the site, to outsourcing the graphical design and all the backend code to run the thing.To do all this cost about $1000 and took more than six weeks to create. If you feel competent enough do the work yourself it will cost you very little apart from your time.

So, if you want to build a review site the right way then you would do well to follow how Jeremy’s method and more importantly why he did it the way he did.

If you get your review site structure wrong then Google might demote your website to the supplemental index and you won’t get any traffic worth having and consequently make very little money.

You shouldn’t even think about making a review site without reading the Black Ink Project first.

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