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As everything is possible from internet, earning some extra cash online is also possible. There are several programs which make you to earn cash by just working at your free time. There is a tool called search engine optimization (SEO) in which several part time opportunities for earning money are possible.


From the name itself, you can clearly understand that the pay will be by clicking advertisements. Popular companies like Google, Yahoo etc offers part time job from pay per click activity. The only thing which you are in need to start with this program is a blog. Your blog should be interesting, informative and can be of any topic. After the creation of the blog, you have to register them with Google AdSense.

Now Google reviews your blog contents and gives you confirmation mail regarding placing up of Google ads. Google give their ads that match with your blog in the form of HTML code. You are now supposed to add these HTML codes to your blog for getting Google ads activated. Once you add the codes, your blog is ready for earning money from Google. Similarly, you can do the same activity for other companies like Yahoo, clix sense etc.

When visitors view the blog, find them as informative and click on ads, then you will be paid. This is called as   PPC  program.


If your content or website needs to appear on first page on search engine websites like Google or Yahoo, then your contents or website should contain unique as well as informative contents with necessary keywords added on it. Hence, ghostwriters play an important role in writing unique contents and get paid for writing. Several companies are in need of ghostwriters to work for them by writing unique contents. You can easily earn by just writing quality contents.

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