How to Increase Sales With Google Analytics

Installing Google analytics can help you increase your sales from you website. How can it do this? Well the mistake many online website design stores do is that they don’t track what visitors are doing on their website and if you don’t track visitor behaviour how can you improve upon it?

The first step should be to setup a Google analytics account. You need to install a small tracking code into your website’s pages. You must make sure you add this code to every page on your website or at least every page you want to track.

Step two should be setting up conversion goals within analytics. Here you can specify a page within your website that counts as a goal. For example if one of your websites goals was for someone to fill in a contact us form then the confirmation page for that form should be the page you specify to analytics as being your conversion goal page. Another page would be the confirmation page once an order has been completed.

Now that you have installed the software tracking code and setup conversion goals you can now begin to track your visitor’s behaviours. I would give this at least a couple of weeks before making any changes so you can have a benchmark to work from.

Now you can start to track lots of data from inside analytics. One of the most popular features is the ability to see what keyphrases that people are using in the search engines to reach your website. For example you can see what keyphrases are working and which ones are turning into paying customers. This information is priceless as if you are doing SEO you need to know what keyphrases work.

Another great feature is to check what your top landing pages are. Here you can see what your top viewed pages are, how long people spent there and what the bounce rates were. Your bounce rate is a percentage that shows how many of your visitors left from that page without visiting any other pages. This can mean two things, 1. That that page wasn’t what they were looking for so they left or 2. It was the right page and found the information they were looking for. I would not pay too much attention to bounce rates as they aren’t as important as people may think.

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