The Secret Sales Strategy Most Top Affiliates Don’t Want You to Know

Affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic to your website or affiliate link and maximizing conversion rates. Any affiliate who truly is making money and know what they are talking about subscribes to this theory, because it produces results. So how exactly are some of the top internet marketers in the industry getting so much traffic?

If course there are those that rule   ppc  and seo, which takes countless hours of study and testing. However, there are a few that use a simple method that has not been exposed to the majority of affiliate marketers. It is a little known secret sales strategy that harnesses the power of eBay to work for you; eBay classified ads.

I know many of you may have negative thoughts when I say classified ads, but let me give you some numbers on eBay classified ads. Each ad that you run on eBay costs only $9.95 for 30 days. During this time frame, an average ad will be seen 200 times, and some ads receive more than 500 views. This means that each ad produces a ton of traffic, and all you have to do is post multiple ads to see huge amounts of traffic.

What about conversion rates? The average conversion rate for digital products such as an eBook is 1%. This number however is drastically increased to over 5% when using eBay to conduct affiliate marketing. This is because people on eBay are not just looking for information, but are specifically looking for something to buy. In other words eBay is a buyers market.

If you run just 20 ads per month with eBay classified ads, you will generate around 2,000-5,000 visitors to your website or affiliate links each month. With a modest 3% conversion rate on eBay, that would be anywhere from 60 to 150 sales! A product that pays $30 per commissions with 100 sales would be an extra $3,000 per month in affiliate income.

So what are you waiting for? Give eBay classified ads a try!

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