A Simple And Actionable Method To Make Money On YouTube

The method I am about to describe is one of the easiest ways I know to make money on YouTube. You can even start seeing results in just a few days when you master the process. However, this method is not just some method where you can make money on YouTube simply by pushing a button and the cash starts flowing into your bank account, it does require a bit of work. The good news is that the work you will have to do to make money on YouTube is easy enough for someone who has no experience to complete without very much hassle at all. As always with internet marketing techniques, don’t be scared to add your own twists to it because you might be able to make improvements by doing this.

This method is nothing fancy but it is tried and tested – the basic components of it are simply finding product related videos that are ranked on page one when we do a ‘name of product + modifier’ search. Then what we aim to do is simply hijack the ranking with our own video.

1. Find a product that you would like to promote: this could be either information products on ClickBank or any kind of other products where you have access to an affiliate programme. The most important thing to consider if we want to make money on YouTube is that the product is actually selling.

2. Do the keyword research: we need to target buyer keywords because our job of selling is going to be much easier if your potential customer is already in buying mode – for example:

product name + discount

product name + review

buy + product name

product name + scam (this is usually the best one for selling ClickBank information products)

In order to make money on YouTube, it is recommended to only target keywords with at least 300 EXACT local monthly searches – you can find this out by using Google Keyword Tool. Going lower than this or not depends on the competition of the keyword – if the competition is non-existent then 150 exact local searches a month would be the minimum to make money on YouTube

3. Check the competition: If the competition is too high then its not going to be possible to make money on YouTube. Do a Google search for your chosen keywords. Then you need to look at how many videos are ranking on page one. If there are more than 3 videos ranking on page one then you need to dump those keywords and try another variation. If there are no more than 3 then you need to then see how many views each video has got – they all need to have no more than 20000 views as well as no more than 200   backlinks . If they have less than 200  backlinks  then it should be easy to take over their ranking. Obviously the lower the number of  backlinks  then the easier it is to out rank your competition –  backlinks  can be assessed by using Traffic Travis. The last thing we need to do is look at the video that is already ranking in general. Does it have a lot of dislikes and negative comments or is it one of those rubbish Animoto style videos? If it does have those aspects to it then it’s going to make your job of outranking it easier.

4. Create the video:The best kind of video for this method would be a review style of video. Here are some points to remember when making the video

  • Do some research on the video and write up a review about 500 – 1000 words long.
  • Make a slide show using Windows Movie Maker with some images of the product you are reviewing and just read the review of the product using the review you just wrote.
  • Make a good review by concentrating on the benefits of the product you are reviewing and how it is going to help the viewer of the video.
  • In order to gain the trust of the viewer, make the review sound sincere and also discuss some negative aspects of the product.

5. Upload the video to YouTube:

  • Put the keyword in the title, description as well as tags, also make use of related (LSI) keywords.
  • Find out the tags on the videos that are already ranking on page one if there is one and use the same ones on your video.
  • Put your affiliate link at the beginning of the description in http:// clickable format.

6. Get  backlinks  to your video:

  • Submit the review article you wrote to the best article directories such as EzineArticles as well as web 2.0 sites.
  • Upload the slides you made to document sharing sites also turn your review into a PDF and submit it to document sharing sites.
  • Turn the audio you recorded for your video into an MP3 file and submit it to podcast and MP3 sharing sites.
  • Social bookmark your video
  • Use Animoto to create a lower quality video so you can submit it to other video sharing sites except YouTube using Pixel Pipe.

If you want to make money on YouTube then obviously the more videos you have out there ranking on page one of Google, then the more money you are going to make and if you really don’t want to do any of it yourself you could just outsource it. Fiverr.com would be the first place I would go if I was going to go down the outsourcing route. The important thing now is to stop procrastinating and instead start doing and learning from your mistakes along the way, if you master this technique then you will not only make money on YouTube but also be working smarter instead of harder.

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