An Analysis of Why Press Releases Are Indispensable in SEO

Press releases have been an indispensable tool for SEO specialists. Since webmasters have to submit the releases to directories, the syndication directs the search engines to take notice. However, you have to be consistent with submitting quality releases to premium directories. If your submission continues to generate interest in niche business circles, you can soon expect the search engine crawler to take notice of your website, linked at the release. So, you gain a dual SEO advantage. First, you have valuable direct visitors to your website. Second, your site invariably improves its page rank. In this field, the quality of the PR, and the quality of the directory are equally important.

A common mistake

Since there are scores of PR directories, both paid and free, many webmasters make a common mistake. Submitting the same PR to several directories may not clash with the submission guidelines, but this does not go well with Google. The search engine prefers original quality in every single write-up. A good PR firm would recommend that you commission original releases for different directories. Yes, writing multiple releases would be more expensive than writing one or two, but the SEO benefits are several. Not all directories feature on Google news. Look for a SEO service that can optimize and submit your PR to quality directories.

The backlinks contention

Since the comment by Matt Cutts (Head, Google Web spam) at a webmaster forum thread last December, there has been a lot of contention in the field. Cutts indicated that PR backlinks do not have much SEO advantage. However, one must note that there has been no further elaboration on this discussion. Google, as usual, stays strangely discreet in its policies and updates. Webmasters are still to lose hope in back linking the releases. However, the careful ones are always on the trail of new updates. Look for an effective writing service that is aware of the latest developments in Google algorithm. There has been the hummingbird update lately following the Penguin 2.0. See whether the writing service can develop releases in accordance with these new developments.

Ensure top quality

The Press Release must be able to relate a dynamic development within the company. You have to be very clear about the core purpose of the PR. When does something make news? The PR must be able to answer to this question. The readers must get an idea of the newsworthy developments in the company in the most interesting manner. The way of presentation is very important in the release. Ask for sample releases from several preferred writing services. Find the one that can write PRs from the perspectives of an interviewer.

Also, look up the various directories. See the site guidelines and the quality of the featured releases. Going through the guidelines can offer clear insights into how to develop quality releases. There must be a highly dynamic feeling at the releases. It must have a subtle call for action to the reader. However, there must not be direct promotional wordings like ‘visit site xyz ‘etc. Instead, the information available must be so attractive that the reader decides to give the site a go.

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