Blog Promotion by Means of Social Sevices

I was wondered when I first time heard about people who make a very big money online more than $1000 per day. More interesting for me were the ways of its earnings. Ok, let me now try to explain you about how can we get thousands of unique visitors to your blog or site with help of social bookmarks.

Promotion is done on big social sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc… The essence of social bookmarking is simple – users post links on a site on the resources, which is liked by them, and other users vote for them. The more voices has site – the more close it to top of service and the more gold dust in pockets for the owner of this site.

But to wait, while someone from members will find your site in the boundless Internet, and then still and will place the reference to you on Digg – not our method, truly? This process should be a little accelerated. How?


– Use “strong” words in heading and description

– “In-depth”,

“How to”,




“Nintendo” “iPhone”…

some of these words shout to the user: “Digg me! Digg me!”.

– Create a good account on Digg. If under your nick there is a set of links on the main page of Digg – there is a high probability, that users feel to you something similar to trust, and will click on your submitted link and vote for it. In general, create the account – post interesting links, make comments, “digg” other users.

– Have no hundred dollars, but have a hundred diggers. I’m telling not about creation of 100 accounts or voting of the same group of people for your articles, again and again. No. Simply ask to give some person to your link a push. Some voices can give the necessary inertia for an output in top.

– Try to use this service, but not often.


Because of not so convenient interface, Delicious is not so popular like Digg, and traffic from it – is less. Its basic audience – the web masters, bloggers, IT-developers. Nevertheless you can catch tons of traffic if your article will appear in top categories Delicious/Popular. Sometimes ten voices is enough to appear there.

There is also useful service for Delicious.


If Delicious gives more   backlinks , than traffic, in case of Netscape – on the contrary. Inhabitants of a Netscape will eat any interesting news. That the Netscape has less members, than Digg, it is necessary to type 12-15 voices for a short time – and you already appear in the bottom of the main page.

Some moments on Netscape: system are clever and easily calculates manipulations with top; administrators first are ban, then explain. So if you with friends try to push through the link in top – that be as all – vote for other articles too, not only for yours.


One of the most used sites in social bokmarking. Distinctive feature – traffic from it is enduring (while the wave of traffic from other listed projects of Digg-type, falls down within 24 hours). Qualitatively lead bookmarking can provide you practically constant traffic from this resource.


The audience, in comparison with other giants of bookmarking, here is small. People are more focused on a policy.

Remember, you do not have any reasons to not appear in top of Digg tomorrow in the morning!

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