Overnight Top Search Engine Ranking With Little Known Secret

We all know that pay-per-click (PPC) is the fastest way to guarantee first page impressions if we are willing to participate in bidding wars for position on first page searches as users search keywords and phrases. PPC can be very expensive and often produce unwanted clicks from competitors or others randomly clicking ads that have no interest in your product.

New techniques have been discovered through research and testing that promotes top ranking on Google and other search engines in less then 12 hours. The technique used is known as parasite marketing. Many are promoting their websites using multiple landing pages while tagging their message on popular sites and social networks that propel their messages to first search page prominence for searches using keywords and phrases, much the same way as pay-per-clicks.

Tips to promote your website are the following:

1. Promote landing pages not individual websites.

2. Use sites with high relevancy.

3. Use keywords and phrases for you listings as if you were a searcher.

Every search engine determines site relevance based on traffic, links, meta tags and keywords, so consequently if users link their pages to popular sites they can see their messages on search engine first page searches overnight.

All website owners are hung up about promoting their website trying tirelessly to promote a single URL to search engines hoping for immediate success which is nearly impossible for new or newer sites with minimum relevance. Using parasite marketing and multiple landing pages provide more targets and fast delivery to first search page ranking.

There are many sites that allow all to post URLs and messages that guarantee top search ranking overnight. Join our blog and see what others are doing to gain top search results overnight and to get ideas how to gain popularity with posted messages, keywords and phrases that will deliver your business to top search ranking overnight.

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