How to Get More Potential Clients to Your Website

OK, you have a great website for your business.  It is user friendly, with well thought out, informative writing, eye catching graphics, blogs, links, articles and all of the tools necessary to generate sales and create new clients but no one seems to know you are there.  You wonder what the problem could possibly be. 

If you are not utilizing Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to increase traffic to your website.  In simple terms, SEO is a kind of friendly language used between your website and search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.  By using simple techniques in your website, you are letting the search engine know and understand what your website is all about.

Why is this important?

When potential clients surf the web for products and services, they put in specific search words.  For example, if a potential client is searching for a business coach, they may type in the words business coach or other phrases like how to increase profits, time management or how to grow your business, just to name a few.  When a business has optimized these catch phrases into the website and a potential client types one of these phrases or “keywords” into the search bar, a listing come up.  That listing provides links to websites that have optimized for those keywords in their webpage.  This optimization process helps to get your website high in those listings,  offering more potential for a greater number of visitors of your website and ultimately sales. 

To make the most of search engine optimization, it is important to brainstorm for relevant keywords that describe your business, products and services.  You may choose to use simple descriptive words, phrases that explain what your business provides, brand names of products you offer or services that your company offers.  Choose words that your clients use to identify with your business, it’s products and services.

If the thought of learning how to use search engine optimization for your website makes you uncomfortable, perhaps an Internet marketing consultant or SEO consultant could help you in the process or do all of the work for you.  Without utilizing this important tool, it is comparable to putting the key in your car’s ignition and not turning it.  Search Engine Optimization is well worth the time, energy and money invested to bring potential clients to your website to increase your company’s sales and profits.

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