Hot Traffic Tips – Understanding the Anatomy of a Strong Backlink

In order to achieve a high ranking position with the Search Engines, it is without doubt today that you need  backlinks . But having low quality  backlinks  is not going to help you much given the advanced techniques that Search Engines use today. You should settle for nothing but strong  backlinks  if you want to succeed with SEO.

Some Internet Marketers pay a meager ten dollars for a service that gets them a thousand  backlinks . They quickly learned that those links end up hurting their website ranking more than anything else because Search Engines are cautious about overnight increased in links pointing to your webpages.

It is far more advantages to have a single high quality link coming from a recognized source than to have a hundred of those from multiple poorly graded sites.

To do so you would have to understand the anatomy of a strong  backlink :

Page Rank

A page rank is a page positioning number ranging from one to ten that is assigned by Google based on how highly it “qualifies” a web page. The higher a page rank number, the more valuable it is to have a  backlink  coming from one of these sites.

Age of Website

The age of a website linking to you is also an important factor. If the Search Engines find out that most of the websites linking to you are newly constructed sites, it is not going to give you a high regard. The reserve is also true, so it is going to do you good if you can get websites that are at least a few years old to link back to you.

Number of Additional Links on Website

This is also something you want to consider. Even if you are getting a link from a highly ranked website, but if the same website has fifty other links pointing to other webpages as well, it is not going to help you very much when the Search Engines analyze the source.

Website with Authority

There are websites out there that Search Engines regard as top dogs, such as those that are linked to government services or prestigious schools. Having a link from these sources is definitely a strong  backlink .

Relevancy of content

Last but not least, having a site linking to you with content that is relevant to your niche is crucial. Obviously, a site that promotes satellite television has no relevance to yours if you are selling bicycle accessories.

With an understanding of how a good  backlink  works, you should be targeting very specific sources going forward to earn you that strong  backlink  that you deserve.

Get Educated. Market Smart!

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