The 9 SEO Optimization Tips That You Must Follow To Boost Your Position In The Search Engines

 SEO  Optimization Tips To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

 SEO  optimization tips anybody? In case you were not aware,  SEO  stands for Search Engine Optimization. I will now provide you with the on page  SEO  optimization tips that you should be using, to help you to achieve a first page listing. Every time that you are aiming to get a high ranking for your selected keywords, follow these organic  SEO  optimization tips. This way it will let the search engines know exactly what keywords you are trying to rank for. This list is in no particular order. I consider them all to be highly important and so should you! Utilise all of them to see your search engine rankings go through the roof.

The Nine Golden  SEO  Optimization Tips

1. Correct use of the title tag is essential. This is the main title of the content at the top of the page and you must include your main keyword. Also make sure your main keyword is within the first 60 characters of the title tag. A good  SEO  optimization tip here is to also use another one of your keywords related to your main keyword in the title tag.

2. Correct use of the Meta keywords tag. Although the use of this tag is not as important as it used to be, you should still use it as you are highlighting what keywords you are trying to rank for.

3. Use the Meta Description tag properly. This is the description that will be displayed on the results page. Make sure it draws peoples attention and compels them to click on your website, when they are looking at the results pages.

4. Correct use of the Headings tag. The three headline tags are similar to the title tag, in the fact that they identify what is contained within them. Good use of your main keyword and relevant keywords within the H1, H2 and H3 tags is essential.

5. All of your posts, articles, reviews etc. should be a minimum of 500 words long. By doing this you will be rewarded as a trusted, authority site.

6. Ensure your content has a keyword density of 2-4%. This enables the search engines to know what keywords you want to rank for, without appearing too spammy by keyword stuffing.

7. Your keyword should be placed in bold, italics and underlined at least once within the article.

8. Use the image and alt tag correctly. Placing images inside your content is excellent for  SEO  purposes. The image and alt tag should then be named after a modified version of your main keyword. As search engines cannot see what a picture is about, use your keyword as the name of the picture and the alt tag description, increasing your chances of ranking for that keyword. Modifying the keyword, makes it look more natural, reducing the risk of being seen as a keyword stuffer in the eyes of the search engines.

9. Use an external anchor text link on your page to a high PR authority page within the niche you are writing about. This is one of my favourite  SEO  optimization tips that hardly anybody uses,but works really well. Placing a contextual anchor link in your content to a non-competitor high PR authority site using your main keyword has its advantages. It will show the that you are not a sales type website,or afraid of providing your readers with other relevant content from authority sites.

Examples of high PR sites include Wikipedia and Of all the  SEO  optimization tips,this one is a real gem,I hope you agree! Every time you write a post or article,you will need to incorporate all of these tips. If you would like to do this automatically,there is a piece of software that I use that can do this for you. It’s called  SEO  Pressor and is a real time saver. Click here to find out more details about  SEO  Pressor.

What Do You Think Of My  SEO  Optimization Tips?

These nine  SEO  optimization tips really will help with improving your rankings. Are you using all of them?

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