Why Are People Skeptical About SEO Services?

We seem to be skeptical about SEO services because we only partially understand what a good SEO service is and how it can help our site. We think, (and I must say that I thought) that I could handle my own search engine optimization. I probably could have done, but it had been a year and it was getting traffic, and some of the page rankings were on the first page of the Search Engine’s Rankings Pages (SERPS). However, I had little idea as to why this happened, so it was rather a hit and miss affair. I had a little help and learned a lot more than I knew then, but I needed that help.

I was one of those lucky people able to write interesting and original content, and that counts for a lot in the SERPS. What I didn’t understand was the usefulness of backlinks and how to go about getting them. Luckily I wasn’t naïve enough to think that I could buy thousands of backlinks and so rise in the SERPS. I was at least aware because of my research that this was penalized rather than rewarded by Google. Backlinks have to be relevant to the content and to the niche you have chosen to be a part of. What you need are link to the stars of your niche and if you are going it alone, these are not too easy to come by. An SEO service can help out with these as well as optimizing the site with keywords. I didn’t have a clue which keywords would generate most traffic, but I was helped in this area too.

Many of us are taken in by articles which tell us about the latest SEO tool which is going cheap and which is easy to download etc. We pay for it and find that it’s basically useless in our bid for Search Engine Optimization, but we have no redress. It’s money wasted. When you count the money you have spent on virtually useless things, a consultation with a good SEO consultant could have been a much better way of spending that money and your site might now have got better rankings in the SERPS. Some of us are stubborn and independent and in the world of online marketing that can be a bad thing if we don’t consult experts when we need a break.

There are many people who got into online marketing in the pre Google Panda days, who made a lot of money and they are some of the people who repeatedly tell us that they hold the secret to our success in the online marketing world and we believe them and pay for their software or advice in the form of an E-book. We then sadly realize that we are doing everything that seems sensible but still no getting very much farther up in the SERPS. What we should be doing instead is ignoring the advice of charismatic entrepreneurs and seeking out people with SEO know-how, who really can help our SEO and will help us reach a higher page in the SERPS. What worked in the past for one individual does not work now as the ball game has changed with ever stricter rules being made by the biggest search engine, Google.

Instead of wasting more time and money, think about contacting an SEO firm to help your site up the SERPS.

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