Why Dominate Google?

In case your new to this whole thing (internet in general) or simply in denial about the facts; Google is the Number 1, Greatest, Most Powerful and Well Known Search engine there is. A simple expression of this is shown by the use of two little words; “Google It”. Have you heard of anyone legitimately say the term “Yahoo It”? or “MSN Search It”?… Probably not. Google is so popular that it has become one of those brands synonymous with the thing it was designed for. Similar to the term “Photoshop It” when relating to image manipulation. Google is so powerful in fact that they own “Earth” (get it? – if not just type in Google Earth into Google).

Now I don’t want to sound like Google’s press agent but I just want to stress the value of utilising Google to your own ends. If you properly utilise Google then you can get serious exposure to your site. That in turn leads to all kinds of positive outcomes.

A couple of ways to “dominate Google” are as follows:

Number One;-

Google AdWords – Google AdWords is a great tool to use to get your site seen on relevant sites or on relevant search terms via a small text, image or video ad. This type of advertising can be a little pricey but if you know how to use it then it can be real effective.

Number Two;-

Organic Search Results – Plain and simply this is the best way to get exposure for your site. If you get your site on the first page of Google then you are practically guaranteed to get tonnes of targeted traffic to your site. The problem is that everyone wants this and there s a lot of completion. It can take many months of hard work to get your site anywhere near the top of Google and that’s if you actually know what you’re doing. If you don’t then you can basically forget this technique until you’ve learned how it works. The best part about this is that you can do it (usually) for free or for very cheap because it all involves your own personal effort.

Number Three;-

Pay Someone To Do It For You – This sounds so incredibly appealing, and it is. The only problem (for most) is that it can cost up to and over $30,000 for only a few keyword terms. If you can spare $30,000 or more then by all means do this but for the vast majority it isn’t really a viable option.

Number Four;-

Pray Really Hard – This is in no way a scientific method but you never know, a miracle may just happen for you.

These are the most obvious methods to dominate Google. Remember it is very important not to try and trick Google into ranking your site high. Even if you were able to do so it surely wouldn’t last long. Google would eventually find you and wouldn’t be very happy with what you had done.

Always try to keep your site relevant, interesting and informative on the subject which you promote it on. For example if you promote it as a site to care for trees, don’t have the site be totally about avionics. Keep the content relevant. You can have some other stuff on there too but try to keep the main focus obvious and coherent.

In short, if you want to be successful online then you should seriously consider trying to as popular as possible on Google. it’s a gold mine just waiting to happen!

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