4 Incredible Tips For BIG Traffic!

Every single online marketer needs it. Without it, your online business will simply die. Traffic is what keeps an online business alive. Visitors arrive on your website and it’s those visitors that will ultimate put money in your bank account.

Chances are pretty good that you are struggling to get more traffic to your website. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article right? I’m going to provide you with simple tips for driving massive traffic to any site!

Tip #1 – Aim Long Term – Aim for the Search Engines!

This is not a direct tip for driving massive traffic NOW, BUT it’s vital that you concentrate some SEO efforts on your website so that you will rank in the search engines. The tips below will all aid in your SEO campaign. Once you obtain that ranking, you’ll be surprised how many visitors you’ll receive from search engines like Google.

Search Engine Optimization is pretty simple so I’ll give you a quick outline you can follow to make sure your website is SEO friendly.

1. Make sure your website’s TITLE has the keyword in it.

2. Make sure the URL of the page (if it’s a subpage ranking) has the keyword in it.

3. Make sure your description has the keyword right in the beginning.

4. DON’T overuse keywords.

5. Make sure you have an H1 tag on the page that includes your keyword.

6. Make sure the opening paragraph on your page has the keyword in it somewhere.

7. Make sure the keyword can be found in your content (2-4 times max).

8. Make sure that your internal linking structure all has their various keywords in the anchor text of the link.

9. Make sure that your images have alternative text that includes your keyword. (Write INFORMATIVE alt text! Don’t just add the keyword)

10. Make sure you have a sitemap on your website so that Google can index your site properly.

Tip #2 – Spread Your Reach

When it comes down to spreading your reach, nothing else works better than articles. Now please don’t assume I’m referring to your usual “boring” article submission process where by you write dozens of articles and submit them to only one article directory.

No…that is not spreading your reach. As a matter of fact, that method of driving traffic is incredibly time consuming. Time is money so we cannot waste any.

So how then do you go about effective article marketing then? Use article distribution services. It’s the best possible method of driving very good traffic. Not to even mention that the traffic is very targeted.

Go for an article distribution service like ArticleMarketer.com or SubmitYourArticle.com. I vote for the first option purely because of the fantastic experience. Once you submit your article you’ll get very good traffic PLUS you’ll get a serious amount of backlinks!

Tip #3 – Go Video Nuts – The EASY Way!

I use this method solely for backlinks, but the traffic this drives is also very good. Create a video about the topic of interest then use a video submission service to instantly blast your video to nearly 20 sites in a few minutes. I use Windows Movie Maker (it’s on your PC) for the video creation and then the almighty TubeMogul.com for the distribution effect.

Make sure that you include your FULL url (http included) at the very top of your video’s description. This will create an active link which if you realize, it will instantly help you generate up to 20 backlinks the moment you submit your video. Also, a very good tip would be to include your website url throughout the entire length of your video.

Tip #4 – Press Release Fire!

Again, press releases are like articles, but you write them in the third person. Make sure you know how to write a press release. Turn down the workload! Use a press release distribution service like PRWeb.com and distribute your press release all over the web. You’ll get a lot of traffic and a lot of backlinks from powerful sites!

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