5 Ways to Fortify Your Search Engine Placement Strategy

Achieving top search engine placement is every webmaster’s dream. Practically every e-commerce website seeks SEO optimization help for higher search engine placement. There are many generic SEO optimization tricks that any average SEO consultant would guide you towards. However, millions of websites fight for the top search engine placement and you need to follow some unique SEO optimization strategies to be able to stand out from the crowd and get top SEO ranking on major search engines.

So how do you make sure you go that extra mile while vying for top search engine placement?

Following are some SEO tricks that help you do things differently; take a look:

SEO Optimization of Keywords

While conventional SEO strategies say choosing keywords are important to higher search engine placement, you need to take an advanced route today. Selecting the right keywords is important to your website. However, you need to optimize your keywords further to achieve better SEO results. This is especially true for newer websites. They should try to optimize the keywords by using their derivative forms and adding something sales words like affordable, low-cost, buy etc.

Keyword Placement

Your keyword placement strategy directly influence search engine placement of your website. Aside form the title and description of your websites, make sure you have positioned your primary keywords at the right places where search engine crawlers prefer to visit. If you have a table to use to explain your plans and packages, make sure you keep it further down the page. This way, you help search engine crawlers find relevant keywords on your web pages.

SEO Optimized Content

Optimizing your website content with targeted keywords supplements your search engine placement strategies. Optimization of web pages should include optimization of web copies, images and internal keyword linking. However, try to ensure you don’t end up over-optimizing your website as this might back-fire. Use your primary keywords as close to the beginning of your web copies as possible. Besides, make sure they are present in the middle and towards the end of your web copies. Moreover, see to it that your keywords are present in the header tags too. For better results, use the derivative and synonyms of the keywords as well.

Internal Linking Strategy

Your linking strategy should include both internal as well as inbound linking methods. Try to link your keywords to their relevant pages within your websites. For example, while a reader is on your ‘about us” page where you mention the services you’re into, you can link the services keywords to their respective pages. Besides, you can write relevant and interesting blog posts on your business blog and link your keywords back to their respective pages within your websites as well.

In-bound Linking Strategy

For inbound keyword linking strategy, you might consider building an   organic  SEO link building strategy which should typically include article submission, press release distribution, social bookmarking and social media optimization methods. Always focus on the quality of your inbound links rather than their volume.

Achieving top search engine placement requires persistent efforts and a lot of patience put together. Don’t resort to black hat or spamming SEO optimization technique as it won’t help you achieve long-term results for your business. I am sure every businessman including you wants to achieve long-term SEO benefits for their e-commerce websites.

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