Using YouTube for SEO

When you use YouTube for search engine optimization (or SEO) purposes as an online marketing tool, your business can get more than one benefits from such online marketing strategy. Among the many benefits of using YouTube for SEO, the most useful one is increasing your website’s natural flow of traffic.

However, if you ask a number of people of what they think YouTube is all about, they will likely tell you that it is a user generated content website, a video sharing site, or an online video repository. While all of these are true, online marketers and online entrepreneurs see YouTube from a different light.

Online marketers and online business owners see YouTube as a big, unconventional search engine. The common mistake of people is that when they hear the phrase search engine, the first things that come to mind are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even – it is very rare to find someone who sees YouTube as a major search engine.

To many internet users’ surprise, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. This means that every day, millions of people go to YouTube and search for videos about things that interest them – how to’s, excerpts, explanations, information, advisory, entertainment, and so on.

So if YouTube is actually a huge search engine just like Google, it goes without saying that it is also possible to do SEO (search engine optimization) efforts in YouTube. Now let me ask you this: does your search engine marketing and search engine optimization strategy include YouTube marketing?

If you have decent videos that talk about or promote your product, then perhaps it is time that you shift your focus and learn more about viral YouTube SEO. Even if you do not have any video asset at the moment, you probably have what it takes to make or even produce one that you can leverage.

If you run or have an online business, it is very easy to look for areas and angles where you can create video out of – a product demonstration, a client testimonial, a clip from an event or from a fair that you attended or hosted, and interview of a known field expert referencing your product, a test conducted by an industry specialist in any of your products, etc – all these things come with great potential.

You are competing in a 21st century market, which means that it is about time that you stop thinking that YouTube is about cuddly animals and music videos. People these days use YouTube to access a rather serious kind of information and to get educated and every time people look for information, marketers like yourself has a window of opportunity to make sure that relevant brands, products, or services is in front of the user.

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