5 Adwords Beating Tips

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If you have ever tried marketing your business using Google AdWords chances are you will know it is not easy. Anyone new to Google AdWords faces a very step learning curve and it is likely that most people who have used AdWords for a while still find it a challenging marketing tool to master. However, Google AdWords still remains one of the most effective ways to drive profitable traffic to your website.

Here are 5 AdWords Beating Tips you can start using right now to improve your campaign’s results.

1. Keyword Selection – selecting the right keywords is critical to the success of any PPC campaign. You want to avoid any “browse” keywords which are usually single words like computer, laptop, Xbox 360. Instead focus on keywords with 2 or more words which generate more targeted traffic which is more likely to convert. Examples include buy laptops or compare notebooks. Keywords with the product name produce high conversion as the searcher knows the specific product he wants.

2. Adgroup Set Up – the golden rule here is to have tightly targeted Adgroups filled with similar keywords. This helps boost the CTR on your ads and should help lower your CPC. The only issue here is you can spend a lot of time splitting your keyword list into Adgroups. If you are not sure which keywords will generate traffic you can always start by putting all your keywords into one Adgroup and then remove similar keywords into separate Adgroups as you see the keywords generate ad impressions (signs of traffic potential).

3. Setting a Budget – there is a lot of debate on whether and how to use the budget feature. My advice is simple. When you are starting out you can never be so sure how a campaign will perform. You can easily rack up significant advertising cost on AdWords in a short space of time. My recommendation is to set a daily budget which allows you to test a campaign over 5-7 days without losing your shirt.

4. Split Test Ads – continuously improving your ads is a way of life with Adwords. Always have at least 2 different ads set up in your Adgroup which you can test against each other. To carry out a proper split test you need to change the settings of you campaign to get Google to show you ads evenly. Every day or so check your results and see whether you can improve on the weaker performing ad with lower CTR. It is amazing how much difference a small change can make to your CTR. Simple changes like capitalizing the title or changing the word order can change a losing ad into a winner.

5. Tracking Results – whether you are an affiliate or promoting your own product you absolutely NEED to track the performance of you campaign. At a basic level you need to set up tracking at Adgroup level, however it alway best to track individual keywords. By tracking your keyword conversion you can see which keywords are working so you can look for similar terms. Just as importantly you can see which keywords are not working and remove them from your campaign.

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