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Search Engine – These are great tools that helps people to search information, web site, images etc on the World Wide Web. Major commercial Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL & Askjeeves. Majority of the traffic to each web siets driven by these search engines. Stats says – Google drives (37.30%), Yahoo (27.70%), MSN (15.80%), AOL (9.60%), Askjeeves (6%) and others (1.6%) respectively.

What is SEO?

This is an active practice of optimizing a web site in order increase the traffic it receives from Search engine by improving the internal and external aspects.

Major steps in SEO:

-Perform effective keyword research.

-Do research on search engine positioning of key competitors.

-Select appropriate keywords carefully, Add effective header, use Italics and underline proper keywords.

-It is important to add title, description and page text for each and every page on the site. it has vital role in SEO.

-Make sure that the wording and Meta Tags, Img Src (Image Source) tags, and other meta information are in place.

-Understand the importance to submit your web site manually to Search Engines.

-Trade links on a regular basis to improve link popularity

-Finally, move on and focus on other, more efficient marketing and promotion techniques.

-Submit your web site links in free reliable advertisement web sites which is having higher ranking.

-Submit your articles in ezines then link those contents to your site. This helps to get more traffic to your site.

-Update newly added contents, make it fresh always.

-Get links from most trusted web sites ( ex: .gov , .edu etc)

-Make the use of Google Add words & Yahoo! Search Marketing

How to Conduct Keyword Research?

This is the most critical part in SEO where we need to do researches for selecting most possible keywords which visitor may enter to target service, product or information they are looking for. Based on our web site content we need to find all possible terms and phrases widely searched on the Web. below mentioned are the important phases in Keyword research.

Brainstorming – Think about what the potential visitor or customer would like to type and search through search engines to target the information/ services which you offer through the your web site.

Use Reverse search tool – This tools helps to get total number of times customers / potential visitors perform specific searches using selected keyword.

We need to index the site after proper keyword selection and implementation of targeting, the analytic tools like Index Tool , Click Tracks programs etc would help to measure traffic to the site, conversion rate other activities. You may find the major keyword research tools below:

-Word tracker


-SEO Book

-Keyword discovery

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