How to Generate Organic Leads

If you’ve been in business for more than one day, then you are probably no stranger to the daily website marking goon phone call promising you a first page on Google result for the low, low price of just $1,000, to $1,500 a month.

Now before everyone in the SEO business starts trashing my blog, let me make it known there are plenty of great SEO companies out there and I have partnered on several projects with some of them. This is also an industry that is flooded with hundreds of thousands of so-called SEO companies that scam honest hard-working business owners out of thousands of dollars a month. Here are a couple of things to watch out for to make sure you don’t get taken.

First of all make them show you proof of current customers that they have achieved similar goals to the ones they are promising you. This will be very easy for a dependable reputable company. Secondly remember the saying Rome was not constructed in a day, in this case you can’t expect to get your company to become a top-tier Google listing overnight. Just as it takes years to build your business reputation it also takes years to organically achieve first page search results. A business can achieve this first page search results by hiring a reputable firm but in most cases this can be very expensive and in our current business environment not feasible by most small business owners.

What you as a business owner need to do is find a firm that is willing to work with you and educate you and your staff on how to build strong organic web based leads. Trust me they are out there I run one of them. This is the really the only way to build a reliable organic and lasting foundation for your digital marketing of your company. It’s really important to remember to keep in mind if done right “THIS WILL TAKE TIME” if you choose to pay an absorbent amount of money to a company to get your company on Google’s first page then there is a better than good chance once you stop paying them it will disappear within days. Please educate yourself on the marketing of your company’s website, this will not make you an expert SEO professional but it will keep more money on your bottom line and protect you from aggressive marking guys taking advantage of you and your business.

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