Speedy Site Loading Is Good SEO

One of the most important of  SEO  strategies is one that most people don’t naturally think of until they try to load their own site and then find themselves drumming their fingers on the table next to their computer mouse is. I am of course talking about the speed with which your site actually downloads onto a web browser after a potential customer or web conversion clicks on URL in the search engine pages of a major search engine like Google.

Once they have found your site, that is half the battle however don’t count on having won the customer if they are not patient enough to wait for your site to hit your screen. A customer that leaves because they cannot tolerate your slowly downloading site is also a customer that is potentially lost forever. They are probably backspacing back to Google to see if your competition’s site loads any faster.

The main cause of a slowly downloading site is a lack of disk space or bandwidth which is why it is so important to find a web host with plenty of both before you decide to let it host your website. Other factors that can cause your website to become weighed down and slow is an introductory splash page, too much flash animation, too many blinking banners and other gizmos, too many links to non quality links such as web rings, too many people linking to you, something like a java-script enabled chat on the site and too many photographs or graphics.

If you are stuck with a particular host your only solution for a slow loading website might be to get rid of some of the bells and whistles and especially things like java enable scripts and chats, splash animations and flash animation. Sometimes even just cutting one or two things like this can cut the amount of time it takes for your site to download.

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