Getting Started with Google Adwords

Google and their   pay-per-click  advertising program Google AdWords are one of the most dominating  search  advertising mediums on the internet today. Today Google controls a majority of the searches on the web, generating over 70% of the clicks to web sites on the internet.

Because of this dominance in the  search  engine wars Google’s  pay-per-click  engine AdWords has taken internet marketing to heights previously unheard of before. Google AdWords matches sellers with buyers quickly and easily and if the savvy internet marketer can take advantage of this they can make good money.

What is Google Adwords?

If you are looking for one of the most promising and profitable marketing opportunities on the internet today then Google AdWords may fit the bill. It is a  pay-per-click  advertising system that leverages the capabilities of the most popular  search  engine in the world today. It allows internet marketers to advertise goods and services through affiliate programs based upon the amount they bid for certain searched for keywords and phrases.

If you look at the right hand side of the Google search window in your web browser those listings are the Google AdWords ads. These are also known as “sponsored links” and internet marketers have  paid  to have their ads with links to their web sites shown here whenever that particular keyword or phrase is  searched  on Google.

How does AdWords bidding work?

Internet marketers bid on their keywords and phrases using the AdWords system. Bids can start as low as 5 cents per click. As an example a business selling laptop computers may bid on the phrases “laptops for sale” or “cheap laptops” or any variation on those words. The point being that it  pays  to be as specific with your keywords as possible.

Where an ad is placed within the sponsored listings depends on several factors. How much is bid, the click through rate on the ad itself and the quality score of the web page the traffic is sent to. Bids can range anywhere from 5 cents per click to $50 or more, it just depends on the type of product you are selling and the return you get per sale compared to the click through rate. The top listings usually have the highest bids, but they also have the best ad copy and return on investment.

How to get started using Google Adwords.

If one is looking into using the Google AdWords system as an advertising tool, he can read the guidelines and the terms of conditions on the Google website. There are a few steps you can tackle on how to start using Google Adwords.

The first step is account creation. Google will guide you through this process. However, there are several things that one should take into consideration when creating an account. You should take into mind the different strategies that you may want to employ right from the start in terms of the selection of key words and the combinations of these words to be able to maximize the returns on investment using Google Adwords.

You should also target the right market in terms of selecting the right language and countries in which you would want your ads to appear. If you are selling products which would be of no use to citizens of certain countries or if the option of exporting the products is not available, you will want to limit the countries in which your ads are shown. You don’t want to get charged by generating clicks from people who do not belong to the target market.

The creation of an AdGroup is also a basic step in using the Google AdWords system. One should be able to conceptualize and design an enticing advertisement and select the right combination of keywords.

Writing the advertisement.

You will be given 3 lines in which to write your ad. There is a line for your title and 2 lines of actual ad body that you can use. The title line is composed of a maximum of 25 characters and the 2 lines of ad body can be a maximum of 35 characters. Because of these limitations it is important that you choose your words carefully for maximum effect.

Linking to what you are selling.

Your ad should catch the attention of your prospective buyer. If you have done this well and they click your ad you want to link them to the most appropriate page of the web site where your product is located. You don’t just automatically want to send your prospective buyer to your home page. If they are ready to buy they do not want to have to search through your web site to find what they want. Send them to the product page right away and if you have done your research and ad creation correctly you will be rewarded with a sale.

These are the basic steps needed to get started using Google Adwords. While there is a learning curve there are many resources available on the internet explaining how to use Google AdWords effectively and efficiently.

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