SEO and Title Optimization

Search engines algorithms are always a changing. Smart website owners are always optimizing their websites to influence the search engines to consider their websites and web pages to be the most important. It is almost like the smart sales man who first sees himself in the shoes of the potential customer and knows beforehand to a certain extent his needs and wants. In this context of  SEO  (search engine optimization) it is definite that the title tag of a page is one of the most important factors that will determine the optimization level of the webpage.

All search Engines including Google give a lot of preference to the keywords that are found in a webpage’s title. In fact it is the title tag that is used by the search engines as the title of the website listings during a search. This is how a basic title tag looks like.

<title></title>Buying Leather Wallet in Denver – Some of the Best Deals This Summer

Where is the title tag placed within the HTML of the page? It is placed between the head tags i.e. between the

and HEAD&gt; tags. The title tag should be about 50 to 80 characters long including spaces. Following are some important tips that are to be followed while writing a webpage title.

  • Include the most important keyword phrases in the title tag (not blindly but making sense as a sentence)
  • Must have unique titles/tags for each page on the site
  • Write an attractive title that will make a customer click into the site
  • It is preferable that keywords come in the beginning portion of the title

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