Organic SEO Versus PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising – Part 1

SEO and PPC (Pay per click) Advertising are the most talked about terms, when professional are deciding upon an internet marketing strategy for their new campaign. But the factors that govern the dynamics of these two medium are deeper then the words in itself. Lets take a closer look at each to have a better understanding.

 Organic  SEO ( Search  Engine Optimization): The term  organic  SEO refers to optimization of the content of the website to ensure that it is  search  engine friendly with help of Content which is designed to speak to search engines and help websites to score good marks and rank well on the search engines. These are the basics that probably we all know about. Now lets go a little more into the intricacies of SEO.

  • With the rising competition,  Organic  SEO is not enough to help a website rank high and needs to be coupled with various strategies to ensure high rankings on  search  engines.
  •  Organic  SEO needs to be coupled with link building campaigns, regular content updates, article submissions, directory submissions etc. to get desired results.
  • The cost of  organic  SEO driven campaigns is quite high can range any where from 500$ to 5000$ or even more depending on the competition the theme is facing.
  • There is always a high risk factor with seo campaigns as the results can never be guaranteed although a good hit ratio is possible with right strategies.

Seeing the downside of SEO should not dishearten you, as once the SEO campaign hit the first page of Google / Yahoo / MSN , the results that can be achieved from SEO campaign are the best.

The upside of SEO Campaigns

  • 80% Searcher on the web use the  organic   search  results to locate information on the web.
  • The fact that your website ranks well in itself builds an impression and brand on the searcher that you are valid resource of what he was trying to locate.
  • SEO campaigns are relatively easy and less expensive to maintain once you have achieved that relevancy with the search engines .

I have tried to give you an overview on  Organic  SEO strategy, in my next article we will throw light on the PPC Advertising. Stay Tuned…

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