Can You Make Money From Your Blog?

Sure you can. But you have to make sure you are targeting your posts in your blog to people who actually find your content beneficial. Creating relevant, fresh content daily can be a challenge, and it’s all a part of blogging.

However, there are article directories which will permit you to download articles that are relevant to what you want to say, that is if you find yourself running out of ideas. Check out Articles Base Camp (sorry for the shameless promotion.)

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Managing the content on your blog can be a task when you do it day to day. Thinking of blog posts that your readers will find value in and benefit from can be redundant. The challenge for me is to not become bored with explaining the same thing but differently.

Again, optimize your blog posts with the keywords that are driving traffic to you. Check out your competition, read what they are doing, just do it better with your personal spin.

Submit your blog to the search engines weekly. There’s Alta Vista, Alexa, MSN, Yahoo! and of course Google. There’s plenty more, I use WEB CEO to submit my site, it is free and it works wonders.

Establish backlinks to strengthen your link building. Link Referral along with social network bookmarking sites help me get even more traffic. Sites like Digg, DropJack and Fark are all wonderful free places to submit your blog posts to. They will bring new readers, in addition, these bookmarking sites rank high in the search engines, so they will also increase your ranking.

Keep the design on your page simple, clean and uncluttered. You should resist the urge to slam your readers with an overabundance of advertising. However, it is a good idea to include posts from other readers of your blog, it increases your credibility.

If you’ve got anymore ideas or suggestions, email me or post a comment, I’d love to read what you’ve got to share.

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