What in the World is an SEO Article?

I’ve had so many people ask me what does an  SEO  writer do…in fact, I sense that what they really wanted to ask was…what in the world is  SEO ? Although many of us have Internet access these days and we use search engines everyday for just about anything, the concept of  SEO  is not something everyone is familiar with.

To explain a little, here’s a little bit of insight.

 SEO  stands for Search Engine Optimization. When I say  SEO  writing, I am actually saying that I am writing an article that is optimized for good ranking in search engines. That means to say that my primary targets are the search engines…well, of course, the article would have to make sense to readers like us, but the primary target are these unseen ‘spiders’ (which refers to programs employed by search engines to ‘crawl’ the pages of your websites. It’s not called the World Wide WEB for nothing). So, the purpose of  SEO  writing is like this…we identify keywords that are popular among internet users that are not too competitive (a little research will reveal a less competitive and yet still strong keyword), write the article and strategically place the keywords into the article.

If the  SEO  article is written properly for both spider and reader, when the search engine crawls through the website and pages, it’ll identify the number keywords there and ‘record’ the details down. It goes back to the search engine and starts ‘indexing’ all the information from all the  SEO  articles it’s gone through and…viola….the rankings in search engines.

It might sound like a whole lot of technical stuff and  SEO  writing, to a certain extent, can be technical but the technical stuff in  SEO  writing is not in the writing itself but it’s in the identification of the  SEO  keywords itself. A good  SEO  writer should not only know how to churn out  SEO  articles like a robot but should make the  SEO  article as comprehensive and informative for as possible the reader too while maintaining the strength of the keywords in the  SEO  article. It’s a very fine line and a very difficult balance to keep here.

If the  SEO  article errs on one side, it loses ranking power, off on the other side, the  SEO  article sounds like a bunch of words knitted together that makes no sense. So, to maintain the quality of the  SEO  article, it has to make perfect sense, is informative and nice to read and yet, keeps the keywords nicely placed in strategic places.

 SEO  writing is dirty work, but someone’s got to do it.

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