10 Reasons Why I Don’t Blog About SEO

1) I´m afraid my experience in splog creation would affect the quality of my content.

2) I would never stay on one topic. If I were to do an  SEO  blog, I would end up talking about topics like:

a) Why I like to keep 4 closers on a Fantasy Baseball team.

b) How the Cowboy Junkies were able to transform Gram Parsons up-tempo, country ditty “Ooh Las Vegas ” into a brooding, demonic number that paralleled the city´s transformation from Cowtown to Adult Disneyland.

c) That Bob Clampett went psychedelic 20 years before anyone else thought to do the same thing…and without the benefit of psychedelics.

d) The great items of clothing I´ve purchased off Target´s 75% off clearance rack.

e) Why Oregon & Washington should break away from the rest of the United States .

f) That Ian Hunter´s “Diary Of A Rock N´ Roll Star ” could be considered the first blog.

g) That I once saw a used vibrator at a garage sale.

h) Why my kids are cuter than your kids.

i) Why I think  SEO  is like “Free Jazz”…both have rules, but the rules are just a jumping-off point for the improvisation…and the improvisation is where the true art lies.

3) The conventions of article writing impose a discipline which brings out my best work.

4) There are always 4-8 problems with everything I write. It always takes me 3-5 days to figure out what they are & correct them.

5) John Updike & Norman Mailer are far greater influences on me than anyone in the  SEO  world.

6) I´m not going to give you my absolute best secrets. (Though I admire those that do). Therefore, I refuse to bore you with posts that will dance around what I´m not going to tell you.

7) Because too many blogs buy viagra that don´t have buy viagra a unique point of view buy viagra are created buy viagra only to sell buy viagra a product or service.

8) Because my articles don´t get comment & trackback spam.

9) Because there are bloggers like Rod Benson [http://web.mac.com/rzb0/iWeb/Site%202/Home.html] who are naturals for the medium and there isn´t any way I could throw down like he can.

10) Though it is possible for new  SEO  blogs to gain mindshare and readership, I´m happy with my article writing niche and don´t want to try to enter an overcrowded, oversaturated  SEO  blogosphere.

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