Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising now accounts for 40% of national advertising spend. Yep, for every $0.60 spent advertising elsewhere on any other medium by any company, $0.40 is being spent online through Pay-Per-Click. No prizes for figuring that this is big business.

But is it really value for money, and how can you maximize efficiency if you’re advertising under a competitive term? In this article we’ll look at what to do, how to do it, what to avoid and what to expect from your advertising campaign. The concept might sound straightforward, but there are even dedicated consultants and corporations solely dedicated to research and strategic developments over company campaigns worth millions, if not billions annually.

Before you launch your Pay Per Click campaign, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the system. The concept behind it is that you only pay for qualified leads, that is to say you only pay when someone is interested in your advert and actually visits your website as a result. This opens up a world of possibilities and decisions, like what page do you bring your customers too, and how should you word your advert to let people know your exact service?

Get it right and you could be bringing in a ton of qualified traffic; get it wrong and you could be shelling out a ton of money. There is a very fine line between effective management and wasteful advertising spend. It is important to strike the correct balance to ensure maximum efficiency for your organization.

One of the biggest potential threats to the Pay Per Click advertising concept is known as ‘click fraud’. Click fraud is the fraudulent activity of clicking repeatedly on competitors links, to sabotage their campaign. Not only do you pay every time someone clicks, but you also run up your daily budget, which will eventually make your ad disappear. It is estimated that click fraud is as prevalent as one in four clicks you’ll receive in your  PPC  campaign, and this utter wastage is one of the least attractive features of the medium, with some experts calling it the downfall of  PPC .

 PPC  marketing can be a very quick and effective way to get your name known and to get customers through the door, as it were. By coordinating your campaign effectively, you can see a massive impact on sales with more actual customers clicking through.

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