Power of Deep Linking

When I first started blogging, I never knew what some blog terms meant like deep linking, anchor texts,   backlinks , etc. If you plan to have a better page rank for your site then you must learn how to do this if you still have not.

What is a deep link and how do I use it?

A deep link links back to a web page other than the site’s homepage. Deep links are very easy to make that you already know how to do it. It’s just how you utilize them is what’s important. An example back link is this. Here, you will see an excerpt of one of my blog posts that deep links into another.

” …Yes, you can actually get paid by doing what you already are. Check out this post to learn how to make money surfing the web, or sign up now if you already have some clue to what AGLOCO is… “

As you can see, I deep link to another one of my AGLOCO posts by using the anchor text “make money surfing the web”. Instead of just saying “click here” to learn how to make money surfing the web and using “click here” as my link, I use the other anchor text instead. By doing this, you are giving yourself another link to one of your posts for Google search engine. You can probably start finding out by yourself right now why and how it is very important so I’ll stop here. Just remember that when back linking:

▪ anchor texts

▪ do it often

▪ don’t just stick a link in a post, make sure they relate in some way

▪ use it to let other know about your older posts

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