How To Get Listed On Google And Other Search Engines In Record Time

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One of the top problems webmasters face is getting into the search engines quick and ranking well. The reason is that they over complicate things and thus even risked being delisted from the search engines because of these complicated, blackhat methods.

The main component of good Search Engine Optimization is to gain quality   backlinks .

Here is a quick and easy way, which you can accomplish in one hour, to allow you to appear in Google’s search engine quickly:

Step One

Create a blog at all these places –,,,,,

Step Two

Post some useful content on all these pages, then post one link back to your site.

Step Three

Ping all these blogs at these places –,,

Step Four

Watch your site appear in Google’s rankings in as little as one week!

Step Five

Post to your blogs once every two or three weeks to give it fresh content that the search engines will love.

This system is a surefire way to get listed quickly. You are leveraging on the high Pagerank (the algorithm which Google uses to judge sites) of those blog sites and getting  backlinks  to your site, which are the key to getting ranked well on search engines. Each  backlink  acts as a sort of vote to your site. If you take a look at’s Alexa ranking, it is one of the top-ranked sites in the world. Instead of waiting months to get listed, do it in one week!

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